At the October 4th event, Google announced their new ‘Made for Google’ program for accessory makers. The program is still in its infancy and Google has now launched a Made for Google website to link you to each member of the program.

The Made for Google program is an attempt by Google to get some high quality accessories out in the wild for Pixel and Pixelbook owners to purchase for their new devices – or, as Google puts it:

The “made for Google” badge signifies that a product was designed by one of our leading accessory partners. Whether it’s a Pixel phone case, earphones or a docking station for your Pixelbook, you can be sure it’s compatible with your Google device and meets our standards.

There’s 22 manufacturers listed on the site – yes, that’s one more than when they announced it, with CaseMate the new vendor joining the program. Google is keen on adding new manufacturers to the Made for Google program, encouraging any manufacturer interested in joining to email them.

If you’ve been interested in checking out which accessories are out there for your newly ordered Google Pixel 2, head over to and check it out.

Source: Google.