Update:Google has now removed the reference to October on the downloads.

Google has begun shipping Pixel 2 handsets in the US and has this morning released the Factory Images and OTA updates for the phones on their Software page. The updates include the recently released October security patches – but that’s small comfort for Pixel 2 owners who only have the September patch.

The updates for the phones are now available if you want to flash a complete image, or an OTA file if you just want to flash the latest version. The builds for both Taimen (Pixel 2 XL) and Walleye (Pixel 2) are showing as live. There’s several builds – OPD1.170816.010, OPD1.170816.011, OPD1.170816.012, and OPD3.170816.012 – for both handsets with Google not actually adding notes to each to advise what the difference is yet.

At this stage it probably won’t make much difference to us here in Australia with both handsets not yet available until October 31st. At that stage we’ll be days from getting the November release, so not much to worry about. If you want to check them out you can head over to the Google Developers page now.

Source: Factory Images.
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    There is a version for Telstra. Wonder what the differences between the General one and the Telstra one.

    Gregory Eden

    LOL my Nexus 5X has October patch level. OTA.


    I keep getting “Invalid Captcha Code” when replying to replies even though the captcha box was successfully ticked.


    I think it’s just a typo on the Factory Images page.

    The published images themselves have 5th Sept 2017 patch level: