After a brief developer preview for third-parties, Google has today released Add-ons for Gmail for Android and the web offering extended functionality on your mobile and desktop.

Google sees the benefit for Add-ons, allowing you to perform functions from your Inbox without having to toggle back and forth between apps. Google is spruiking the cross platform nature of add-ons, saying developers can write ‘add-on code once and it will run natively in Gmail on web and Android right away’.

Accessing Add-ons is easy, simply click on the settings cog and select ‘Get Add-ons’. From there you can select one of the Add-ons.

There are ten Gmail add-ons available in this initial launch which include offerings from Asana, Trello, Intuit and more with a new add-on for signing documents from DocuSign coming soon. Google has made them available in the GSuite Marketplace but available add-ons include:

Asana: Turn communication with clients, customers and teammates into tasks that can be tracked with your team in Asana, all from your inbox.
Dialpad: Message or call colleagues on your device, any time. Automatically view recent communications or save a new contact straight from Gmail.
DocuSign (coming soon): Sign and execute contracts, agreements and other documents directly in Gmail using the DocuSign add-on.
Hire: Add candidates, manage candidate information and upload resumes without leaving Gmail. You can access full job applications from the Hire add-on.
Intuit QuickBooks Invoicing: Create and send professional invoices directly in Gmail. Let customers pay you online and track invoice status and payments no matter where you are.
ProsperWorks: Easily access prospect or customer data, and log activities from calls, demos and meetings. You can also scan related opportunities, tasks and events.
RingCentral: See the online/offline status of RingCentral contacts, review recent call history, make outbound calls (requires RingCentral for Mobile) and view and send SMS messages.
Smartsheet: Add email content and desired attachments directly to Smartsheet without leaving Gmail.
Streak: Add email threads to deals, view enriched contact info and quickly respond with snippets directly from Gmail with the Streak add-on.
Trello: Turn email into actionable tasks in Trello to give your team a shared perspective on the work that needs to be done.
Wrike: Create Wrike tasks from emails, view and update task details, and send and receive Wrike task comments.

Add-ons are available now in your Gmail Inbox, so check it out.

Source: Google.