Google Assistant is expanding its reach more and more, and today Google has announced more fun things to do with Assistant, if you live in the US at least.

Google says they now have more than 50 new games, activities and stories designed for families with kids available on Assistant which can be accessed through Google Home, eligible phones and other smart speakers. Games include Trivia and adventure games, as well as stories. Of course, this being a US-only launch there’s US-centric features including Halloween themed games and more.

Google has included a list of examples which includes:

Learn ?

  • “Let’s learn”
  • “Play space trivia”
  • “Talk to Everyday Heroes”
  • “Help me with my homework”

Play ?

  • “Let’s play a game”
  • “Play Mickey Mouse Adventure”
  • “Talk to What’s My Justice League Super Hero?”
  • “Play Sports Illustrated Kids Trivia”

Imagine ?

  • “Tell me a story”
  • “Tell me the story of The-Not-So-Scaredy cat”
  • “Play Strangest Day Ever”
  • “Play Jungle Adventure”

Google is also throwing light on the newly launched Family Link service which allows children under 13 to have their own personalised Google Assistant experience, all of which can be managed by parents. Using Family Link, children can engage with Assistant including having their own voice profile allowing them to be recognised by Google Home.

There’s been no announcement on when the family oriented Assistant entertainment will expand globally, but it looks like a lot of fun.

Source: Google.