amaysim has launched their own online-only store front for mobile devices this week, offering a range of devices ranging from low-end feature phones to the latest Samsung Galaxy handsets.

The store is running an online launch promotion offering 10% off until October 31st to entice new users into having a look at what’s on offer. amaysim says their online store offers customers the latest handsets at the best prices, saving up to $200 on some popular devices. They’re decent prices too with the Samsung Galaxy S8 (64GB) priced at $845 and the Samsung Galaxy Note8 (64GB) priced at $1,145.

Darren Bell, Commercial Director Devices at amaysim said

Australia leads the world, second only to Singapore, in its appetite for smartphones, with 85% of Aussies owning a smartphone, and it has been estimated that 4.7 million smartphones will be sold in Australia by the end of the year. As one of the country’s most popular telco providers, we want to offer a highly competitive and convenient option for this growing market.

The store operates independently of any plan lock-in, and devices are unlocked so customers can purchase a device from the store and use it on any carrier they desire – though amaysim would obviously prefer you try out their service. While the devices listed are at full price, there will be financing options made available down the track, these financed devices will also be independent of any amaysim phone contracts.

If you want to check out the amaysim device store you can head over to

Source: amaysim.
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    I’ve ordered a tablet and have had 10 days of customer service headaches ever since. Still unresolved. Buyer beware.


    It appears most are grey imports.

    Allen Baranov

    Hopefully this version of their store will do better than the last version.

    I love Amaysim and have been a customer for 5 happy years but my experience with their online store was shocking. It took 2 months for me to /not/ get a phone when I bought it through their online store. Eventually after a lot of excuses from the store and a lot of effort on my behalf I cancelled the order and went elsewhere.


    “Australia leads the world, second only to Singapore”
    so doesn’t lead the world then.