If you’ve been holding off in the hopes that the very hot Deepsea Blue colour Samsung Galaxy Note8 would arrive here then you’re in luck, Samsung is now selling it in Australia.

The phone in Deepsea Blue will still cost $1,499 and is available from Samsung-branded retail stores, and the Samsung Online Store with 64GB of on-board storage. The rest of the specs remain the same, it’s powered by an Exynos processor and 6GB of RAM and comes with a dual-sensor 12MP camera on the rearwhich Neerav checked out in-depth and found (as I did) to be brilliant.

Samsung has made the Note8 (and the S Pen as well) water and dust resistant with an IP68 rating and you get a choice of biometric security including facial recognition, as well as fingerprint or iris scanning.

The Deepsea Blue colour was introduced with the Galaxy Note8 when it launched in August, but only the Maple Gold and Midnight Black were on offer when the phone launched here in September. The new Deepsea Blue colour is a slightly darker colour than the Coral Blue option that launched with the ill-fated Note7 last year and then offered with the Galaxy S8/S8+ in April this year.

You can read all about my thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Note8 in our review, but a TL;DR is that the Samsung Galaxy Note8 is a phenomenally good handset, though I would love to have had it in Deepsea Blue – I mean look at it, it’s gorgeous.

If you’re interested in checking it out, the Galaxy Note8 in Deepsea Blue can be seen on the Samsung Australia website and if you like it you can put your order in now.

Source: Samsung.
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    Do you guys know if this will make it’s way into stores? Have samsung given any indication? Been holding out for this one