Although the R11 was not our cup of tea it was purchased by a lot of people around the world. One thing we did like about it was the hardware and OPPO are set to improve on that with the release of an upgraded R11, the R11s.

The R11s (along with its twin sibling, the OnePlus 5T) has done the rounds in the rumour circle for a while now and with an announcement imminent has appeared on the Chinese website. It seems OPPO jumped in and made it official before anything else leaked. The website shows that the phone will be officially revealed on November 2.

Not only is the phone now on the OPPO website but it can be pre-ordered from their online store. There is no mention of price yet but there are a few specs mentioned for those interested.

The listed specs include 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage — same as in the R11. It is meant to retain the Snapdragon 660 processor as well but this time is expected to include a dual 20MP rear camera sensors and a 20MP front facing camera. There will also be the addition of a 6 inch 18:9 aspect ratio display with a 1080 x 2160 pixel resolution. This will result in the fingerprint sensor on the rear of the phone. If the R11s shares the same display as the OnePlus 5T it will be a Samsung-made OLED display.

The phone will be available in red, gold and black colours. The R11s looks to be another beautifully designed and crafted phone from OPPO but it will run OPPO’s ColorOS. After the disappointing ColorOS version that came with the OPPO R11, we hold out hope that OPPO will begin to scale back their “improvements” with the next iteration of the OS.

The OPPO R11 made it here so we expect its next incarnation to arrive on our shores before too long as well. Has anyone here purchased an OPPO R11? Would you be interested in an R11s with the new display?

Source: OPPO.
Via: Pocketnow.
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I just spotted this “R11s (along with its twin sibling, the OnePlus 5T)” , first I’d heard of it. Same company ? Same hardware ?
I have an R9s plus, good except for the ColorOS ( someone suggested Nova launcher, I’ll follow that up).
People seem to rave about their OnePlus phones . I assume the OxygenOS must be a whole lot better than ColorOS ?
I’m in no great rush to update, but given the cost of replacing a cracked screen I was thinking of the R11S, but now the OnePlus 5T should be on the shortlist?

Daniel Tyson

They share a common financial backer, and have in recent times admitted to sharing supply chain. OnePlus and Oppo phones definitely share a design heritage – check out the R11 and OnePlus 5.

Rod Hines

I have the R11 and mostly love it. I came to this phone from a Nexus 6P which died due to bootloop.
The ColorOS is woeful and can be remedied by using Nova Launcher, with the only remaining issue of notifications not showing in the status bar unable to be worked around unless OPPO come to their senses.
Regarding the Micro Usb, the phone charges faster than the 6P with Oppo’s VOOC flash charging.
Overall, love this phone once the software shortcomings were addressed with Nova. A stock Android version would be awesome.

Harrison Pace

MicroUSB really?


If only they offered an Android One version of this device, it would be massively popular.


Hopefully the sort of do when the OnePlus 5T drops. That’s what I’m waiting for.