+ Thursday November 14th, 2019

Google continues to add more Australian partners into their Android Pay ecosystem, this week the newly formed RACQ Bank (yeah your Auto Club now has a pretty awesome bank as well) has been added to the ranks of banks who now support Android Pay. RACQ has actually take the step of supporting all three of the major mobile payment wallets (Android, Samsung and Apple) making them one of the only Australian institutions to do so.

If you’re banking with RACQ already or were looking for a bank to switch to the supports Android Pay, you should be able to load RACQ cards for use in the Android Pay app today. From there, the functionality will be the same as for any other Android Pay provider.

It’s good to see some of the more innovative financial institutions like RACQ Bank widely adopting vendor mobile wallet systems providing their customers with both the flexibility and security provided by these payment options.

If you’re wanting to try out Android Pay grab the app below, and if you’re shopping for an Android Pay compatible bank you can now add RACQ to that list.

Source: RACQ.
Via: Google.

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