There are a lot of players in the headphone space but there are a few that stand out and Plantronics are one of these. One of their best selling lines is their BackBeat FIT series and today they have announced two new additions to this lineup.

The BackBeat FIT series is designed for people on the go, a sport series for those who live an active lifestyle. The two new sets of headphones introduced are the BackBeat FIT 305 and the BackBeat FIT 505. Both are sweat proof and promise to bring Plantronics’ usual high quality audio while still being comfortable and durable.

BackBeat FIT 305

The BackBeat FIT 305 are lightweight behind-the-neck “wireless” in-ear headphones which look very similar to the Google Pixel Buds. Not only are they portable but are sweatproof with an IPX5 water resistant rating which is handy given that they are designed for gym use. They are coated in a “military-grade” nano-coating to protect the earbuds from sweat and rain.

The earbuds are joined together by a low friction cloth cable with an inline remote and offer six hours of battery life. The earbud design is also similar to that of the Pixel Buds but Plantronics promise that it will provide a “comfortably stable” fit and also block out unwanted noise.

The BackBeat FIT 305 are available from the beginning of November in four colours — black/grey, dark blue/blue, grey/lime green and grey/coral — at JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Rebel Sport and Officeworks for $129.95AUD.

BackBeat FIT 505

The BackBeat FIT 505 are an over-the-ear headphone designed for high quality sound before, during and after a workout. The BackBeat FIT 505 are also coated in a P2i military-grade nano-coating to protect from sweat, rain and spills. The headphones offers control of the music on the headset.

The earcups block out noise but are not noise cancelling but with 40 mm drivers in each ear cup it is arguably not required. Their battery life is 18 hours but also offer a 3.5mm jack for further listening when the battery is drained.

The BackBeat FIT 505 are available from the beginning of November in two colours –- teal and black at JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Rebel Sport and Officeworks — for $149.95 AUD.

It seems that there are so many offerings for those in the market for new headphones. Given Plantronics’ reputation and their quality offerings previously these headphones should be added to your shortlist but we do suggest you try out any headphones before purchasing.

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Ray Wells

I’ve used several different headphones similar to the 305 and they have all been shocking for me. I don’t think a single pair have ever stayed in correctly. Purchased a pair of Powerbeats that wrap around the back of the ear and they have been excellent.

As for the 505 style headphones – I’m still not sure how people manage to train with these bulky things hanging off their head.