Boost Mobile have been working out over winter in preparation for the beach, announcing a new range of plans today including offering double data on selected plans.

The new range of Boost Mobile plans includes double data for your first 2 recharges on the $30 plan and above, if you activate a new SIM from today until the 6th of February next year. Boost is also introducing data rollover for unused data on $30+ recharges making that data last even longer.

Jason Haynes, General Manager, Boost Mobile said

We know Boost Mobile customers want more data, more speed, all on a great network*. The team at Boost are excited to be launching this new offer for customers considering a new option in pre paid. The offer ticks all the boxes and is exactly what many of our targeted audience have been asking for. More data, More coverage, More Speed, No Lock in contracts, Data Rollover and much more.

Each of the new plans also includes data free music streaming from Apple Music.

The new plans

Also launching today is a new $15-Add-on, which includes unlimited calls and text to standard international numbers across 10 countries which includes Canada, China, Germany, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, the UK and USA. That $15 credit can then be used to call or text to countries not included in those 10.

Boost does have a 28-day expiry on their ‘monthly’ plans, making it a shorter option than some of the major carriers but it is running on the Telstra 4G network.

If you like the look of the new plans, you can check them out on the Boost website.

Source: Boost.
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So we’ve lost the extra GB every weekend for an extra GB in the normal plan and rolling over data, that probably about equals out. No interest in Apple Music promotion, but maybe one day we’ll see other companies although I won’t hold my breathe for Google Play Music.

PS: Your link goes to US boost mobile, you want


When I was with them if you auto paid your account then they did it on the same day of every month so effectively 30 or 31 days instead of 28.