It’s Pixel 2 day! Today is the day that Telstra and JB Hifi are allowed to sell the Pixel 2 handsets and it looks like you get a bundle if you buy at retail.

Whereas Google is asking customers purchasing a Pixel 2 from the Google Store to claim a Google Home Mini via redemption, customers purchasing a Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL from JB HiFi or Telstra will receive their Google Home Mini (in Chalk colour) in a bundle. The bundle also includes a pair of AIAIAI earphones.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to get a look at the AIAIAI earphones, but they are the ‘Pipes’ earphones which aren’t even listed on the ‘Made for Google’ AIAIAI mini-site. They also aren’t, as you’d expect, USB-C type headphones but 3.5mm. The AIAIAI Pipes have a 9mm in-ear driver and a single button in-line control for music and calls – not bad for a freebie. These will of course plug into the included USB-C to 3.5mm adapter that comes with the Pixel 2.

It seems that quite a few people are picking up their Pixel 2 bundles from JB Hifi and Telstra today, so let us know if you have and what you think.

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    Chris Leathley

    Pity the google store is so far behind. got a month to wait..

    Reuben Fergusson

    I had originally ordered my Pixel 2 XL from the Google Store but when I saw this post I canceled it and went to JB HiFi. The headphones are average, they sound very bassy but they are nice for a freebie. They are running out of stock of the 64Gb versions at the store I went to.

    Wayne Moore

    Headphones with a 3.5mm plug for a phone that doesn’t have a socket. Nice!**

    Waiting for mine coming from Google. The current ETA is Nov 23


    Gaaahhhh, I want my Pixel naaaoooowww.

    This is the bad part about ordering online. 🙁


    Side note, do the phones through JB Hi Fi have the Telstra firmware on them?

    Side Side note, has anyone bought one of the fabric cases, if so, thoughts?

    Reuben Fergusson

    Doesnt have the Telstra firmware (as far as I can tell), they do try to get you to sign up with Telstra though.

    Ordered the fabric case not here yet.

    PS. I cancelled my Google Store order and went and got it from JB HiFi. If its not shipped they refund you.


    Got my Pixel 2 XL today and I love it. Super fast, INSANE camera, great speakers. Really enjoyable to use. Also either my screen is really good or this whole screen ‘issue’ is a bit of a bratup. There’s no way the average consumer will have issues with the screen. It looks great.

    Very happy customer.

    Reuben Fergusson

    I have the same experiance


    Got my Pixel 2 XL from Telstra today. Got both the home mini and headphones which was a nice surprise. The headphones are good but veeeery heavy on the bass, to the point it makes the mids and highs muddy. Although some tweaks to the equalizer helps. So far the 2 XL is performing brilliantly. Non stop usage during set up for 2 hours and barely got through 10% battery. Paired it with one of the new daydream headsets and was a good experience. Only complaint so far is the screen…it’s actually fine except for grainy-ness on light backgrounds. Also… Read more »


    Google store chat support stated that the headphones will come with their phones aswell but home mini will be by redemption.

    Of course this info could be wrong.


    3.5mm for a phone that comes without one is a bit shitty.

    Phillip Malone

    I have ordered mine Pixel 2 XL from Google. Not due till 13 of next month. While tempted to see if I can get one from JB, love the Google support services so will wait it out.

    Jared Mayfield

    I have ordered from Google every year since nexus 5, but this year I cancelled mine and went with JB hi-fi. With the whole import tax debacle last year and the fact that you can get it way faster from JB, as much as I wanted to order from google it just wasnt worth it to me. Pretty sure you can still do warranty claims through Google even if you brought it from JB Hi-fi…?


    I would like to know as well. Google hands down has the best warranty claims. I replaced my nexus 6p about 5-6 times and google had no issues doing it.

    Reuben Fergusson

    I had no issue cancelling my order with the Google Store. If its not shipped then you can cancel.

    Paul Leong

    About to get my hands on a Pixel 2 XL Pandaguintrooper 128GB from StarTrack.

    Paul Leong

    Preordered and picked the phone from JB..Absolutely love it..moving from a S8 and couldn’t be more happier..earphones don’t feel the best but it’s a freebie at the end of the day.
    Finally looking forward to being the first in the line for software updates.


    How do they hold up against the AKGs that came with the S8? I found those very underwhelming.


    I did too..these are not great too..and are also not type C..I currently use Bose Bluetooth headsets which work a treat

    Jared Mayfield

    Do you know if this is also the case with JB Hi-Fi online pre-orders?


    Happy Pixel 2 Day!
    Just picked up my new 2XL from JB as well.
    I also got a Telstra SIM pack attached to the side.


    Can you only pickup 2 XL on a plan right? Can’t buy outright?


    You can definitely buy outright from JB if you have $1400 laying around around