If you pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 before the 21st of September from a participating Australian retailer then today is your last day to claim your free wireless charger.

The promotion for people who pre-ordered the Note 8 will net you a Samsung Convertible Fast Charge Wireless Pad which is valued at $119.00 and fully supports fast charging on the Note 8 – but today is the last day you can claim it.

To claim your fast charger you need a scanned copy, or picture of your proof of purchase and your IMEI number – to find your IMEI, Settings > About Phone > Status > IMEI Information.

Once you have these pictures, head over to the promo website and enter all your details and upload screenshots or pictures and start the process. Once you enter your details you’ll receive a unique claim reference number you can use to track your charger.

When will you get it? Well, Samsung says you should allow 30 days from the date of your claim to receive your charger. Samsung also says they won’t deliver to PO Boxes, so keep that in mind.

It’s a pretty nice addition to a great phone, so make sure if you’re eligible you take advantage of it.

Source: Samsung.
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    Manoj Bhandari

    I missed out on the offer while waiting for the Pixels. But ended up getting one on eBay for half the retail price. It is super fast than my two year old charger. So yeah, that’s what I call killing the excitement. And you don’t want to use it during the night because of the fan; not loud but annoying.


    Matej, same here. been waiting for weeks longer than mentioned in the initial confirmation email. Follow-up email to special promotional email address never answered and rudely brushed off when I called them. Delayed by weeks, I also finally got the ‘congratulation’ email, only to say, it’ll be another 30 days.
    As much as I love the Note8, I have a feeling this might be my last Samsung device.


    Yeah, I’ve had mine literally just “approved” by Samsung after waiting for 5 weeks and now they claim it might take another 4 weeks to actually ship! Bloody hell, way to take the excitement out of it! 🙁