It’s not a big thing here in Australia (though big business seemingly would like it to be), but Halloween is massive in the US where the Humble ‘Halloween’ Mobile Bundle is based and for a limited time you can get up to eight ‘mysterious, sinister, or downright horrifying games’ games for just $5USD.

There’s a great bunch of spooky themed games available here with three tiers of game available. From just $1USD you can get DISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel Horror, Sanitarium and Dead Age. If you want some more you can also get Beholder, Bulb Boy and Rusty Lake Hotel if you pay more than the average of just $4.50USD (currently), but if you want everything you can get Fran Bow and Whispering Willows as well for $5USD.

For music lovers, if you pay $4.51USD then you also snag the BulbBoy Soundtrack which includes 12 tracks from the game.

Payment as usual can be split between the Humble Bundle team, the developers and a charity, and you can pay with credit card, Amazon Payments or PayPal.

If you want to get in on this spooky game deal, then head over to the Humble Mobile Bundle site to check it out.

Source: Humble Mobile Bundle.