A new week, some new deals and this week it’s Noisli and Time Crash which have been reduced to just 20c each on Google Play for the next week.

Google Play App Deal of the Week

Noisli – Focus, Concentration & Relaxation

Noisli is, according to their Google Play entry, a ‘background noise and color generator for working and relaxing’ which appears to be an ambient noise generator that could possibly help you work or even fall asleep.

The app includes a wide variety of sounds you can use to help concentrate including Rain, Thunderstorms, Wind, White Noise and lots more, all available in the app for you to use offline. You can use the built-in timers to fade in and fade out when you need it – especially helpful when falling asleep.

Noisli is an app linked to the Noisli.com website, with the app synching to the website – though you’ll need to be online for that.

If this sounds like a good app to you, head over to Google Play and check it out.

Noisli: Focus and Relax
Noisli: Focus and Relax
Developer: Noisli
Price: $1.99



Google Play Game Deal of the Week

Time Crash – Full

The endless runner genre is pretty well established and for good reason, with Time Crash it goes into 3D first person mode.

It’s Parkour in the extreme with your agent running, jumping sliding, ziplining and fighting enemies through 15 Hand crafted levels in Story mode, all scored with a catch EDM soundtrack from artists artists Deaf Kev, Heuse, Rob Gasser, SKYLINK and Warriyo. A new unique level is added every day for those who want to really play more and more.

The Time Crash name is earned with ‘time bending powers’ able to be unlocked letting you ‘dash, rewind and go through quantum fractures at insane speed!’

Time Crash looks like great fun, and for 20c you really can’t go wrong. Check it out on Google Play.

Time Crash - Full
Time Crash - Full
Developer: 8SEC Games
Price: $1.49



Dan’s Deal of the Week

I have a love/hate relationship with volume on Android, mostly hate but apps like Volume Plus certainly make the relationship a little easier.

Simply put, Volume Plus puts the volume buttons in the notification centre making it easy to access if for some reason you can’t access the physical buttons.

It’s normally priced at $1.29 but it’s free for a limited time, so get in on it and try it out.

Volume Plus
Volume Plus
Developer: Vladimir Staroschuk
Price: $0.99