Ausdroid reader Paul Leong was quite excited to get his hands on his Pixel 2 XL, which he pre-ordered from Telstra. That was, of course, until he discovered something rather weird happening with his screen when powered off and as Active Display came on.

Rather than try and describe it ourselves, you can see Paul’s demonstration below:

Green bands rolling up the display certainly doesn’t sound like what’s meant to happen, and we can confirm our Pixel 2 XL review unit doesn’t do this. It looks like a clear case of early life failure, but Paul’s having a bit of fun trying to resolve it. He writes:

This was a Telstra pre-order of the 128GB Pandaguintrooper colour. Since the none of the Telstra Brisbane CBD stores have stock for this model, I can’t get it replaced under their ELF policy. I have contact Google Support and am getting the replacement direct from Google. Pick-up is Monday and this model on the Google Store is Out of Stock. I am in for a long wait.

That’s a frustrating bug Paul, and we hope that you get a replacement sooner rather than not. One hopes that there’s a quantity of replacement stock available separately to the already-sold-out retail stock.

We’ll ask Google what the go is.

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So glad I bought my OnePlus 5.


Do a hardware reset derp

Paul Leong

Factory reset done. Makes no difference. Hardware needs to be replaced.


I’ve had a weird issue as well that turned up after my first day of use. Hoping they have some replacement stock. Phone is great otherwise.


Google should try out BOE or JDI OLEDs for the pixel 3, LG don’t seem interested in being an OLED supplier for anyone but themselves.

Anthony Klun

Hi Chris, I’m just wondering if you tried this with the AOD turned off?

I have been hearing of a lot of burn in issues with Pixel 2 XL’s display but this is a first…

Butter iteration

Google has created an overly expensive waste of our time