Augmented and Virtual Reality, so hot right now. That’s why Google has today announced Poly, a repository of 3D objects for developers that can be searched and downloaded for use in apps.

The Poly Object library features thousands of 3D models, from basic shapes through to fully rendered scenes. The objects in the Poly library are platform agnostic meaning they can be used in Google’s ARCore or even Apple’s ARKit Augmented Reality platforms. The objects range from simple, like a tree, through to more advanced objects such as Batman all of which can be downloaded and used in apps, or shared in Daydream or even as a GIF.

Poly features models created by both Google and from independent 3D artists who’ve uploaded their work. These models can actually be modified, so if you need something slightly different – like say moving the cheese to the top of the burger patty on that hamburger, you can. There’s a sort of mish-mash in terms of visual style, so there may not be a rush on Poly objects from the big developers, but for smaller, independent developers this is a big deal allowing them to access a lot of objects with ease.

If you’re a developer, or just want to check out the library it’s online at

Source: Google.