The launch of the HTC U11+ and the Android One based U11 life last night sparked a lot of interest, and today HTC Australia has opened up on their plans for the handset.

At this stage, it looks as though the HTC U11+ will not be coming to Australia, with HTC advising ‘We have no plans to bring the newly announced HTC U11+ to the Australian market’. The news on the U11 life is a little better however, with HTC Australia advising ‘we are in the process of finalising local plans around the HTC U11 Life and will provide more information on availability soon’.

The expansion of the Android One program has seen something of a resurgence since the launch of the Xiaomi Mi A1 back in September. Google signalled their intent at the launch to bring more premium Android One handsets to market with a wider variety of partners, with HTC on board this is a big win for the platform – and with HTC Australia bringing it over, for us here in Australia too.

There has been significant interest in both the HTC U11+ and the U11 life from all Ausdroid readers, so it’s disappointing to see there is no plans for the U11+. We are however quite excited to be seeing the HTC U11 life with Android One in the running to arrive here. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear more from HTC about the launch.

Will you be importing the U11+ from overseas? Or waiting for the U11 life?

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This is supremely disappointing. I have used the U11 and loved it. The U11+was definitely going to be my next phone!


It was looking good for HTC, its now off my very short list.

Matthew McQuilty

HTC are forever making business decisions they regret. Surely they realise this is the phone that the U11 ultra should have been? Replace it in the market now and follow up in March with the next iteration.

Igaal Naouri

Well that will be extremely disappointing since the HTC U11+ is my favourite phone so far and I was definitely planning on buying the 6GB/128GB version


Why did they even announce the plus if they are only selling it to the taiwanese?
I’m not even slightly interested in the life, the low specs and ugly design make me think the plus is an anomaly.

Guess my choices have narrowed back to the mate 10 and the 5T.


I think Europe gets it too but not sure which countries are included


Well that’s very dissapointing. I’ll definitely be looking at importing a U11+ when they become available. Mind you, if OnePlus sell the 5T direct to Australia then I may go that instead.