As one of the launch partners for Google Home in Australia, Optus has today announced that most of their post paid customers are now able to talk to Google to resolve billing issues or find our more information about their account.

The ‘Talk to Optus’ Google Assistant app is available on both phones with Google Assistant and Google Home (and Mini), with Optus the first Australian Telco with an Assistant app. The Assistant app is found through Google Home in the Explore section, or simply by asking the Assistant to ‘Talk to Optus’.

Optus’ new Google Assistant app is a voice extension of the Optus Assistant that lives in the My Optus App available on Google Play.

Vice President of Service, Mark Baylis, said,

Optus is the first telco in Australia to offer a Google Assistant experience for customer service, which is all part of our digital transformation journey to provide more innovative and dynamic services to our customers and make it easier for them to access customer service support.

Optus Postpaid customers are the first to get support with the Google Assistant app, Optus says most post-paid customers are supported and we’ve asked for more information on availability of the Assistant app for Pre-Paid customers.

The process to connect your Optus account is fairly simple, the first time you speak to Optus you’ll be taken to a website to verify your Optus phone number. Once entered, a code is sent to your Optus phone to verify your identity and from there you can ask a range of questions across a variety of topics including billing, travel and usage. Questions include, but aren’t limited to:

  • ‘How much do I owe?’
  • ‘How much data do I have left this month?’
  • ‘What are the roaming rates in Italy?”

The support for post paid customers is fantastic, but as a pre-paid Optus customer I can see this being a great way to remind me that my balance is low, or to ask Optus to charge me for more credit etc. The app would also be a good avenue for Optus broadband customers to check their data limits or billing status. As a new app though, it looks very useful for supported customers.

Optus sells Google Home for $199 in-store or on their website and of course has a range of phones which support Google Assistant as well.

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Wow this is handy!

Can’t wait for more things like this. Have only have my Home Mini for a day and can already see how useful it is. Will definitely be picking up another few units in the future to put all around the house.


Hope it’s more useful than there customer service.
“ok google cancel my optus contract”