Google Assistant seems to be picking up a little steam in terms of functionality, recently adding song identification and now it’s subscriptions.

Google Assistant subscriptions to send recurring information daily was one of the best features of the Assistant in Google’s chat app, Allo. Subscriptions allow you to setup a recurring feed of information ranging from jokes, to more important information like weather.

Subscriptions can be set to appear daily at a set time, making a nice automated start to your day. According to the Google Support page, you can set them by using the following commands, but you’ll also get a prompt if you simply ask Assistant for the information:

  • Send me weather everyday
  • Send me a poem everyday
  • Send me a quote everyday
  • Send me a funny video everyday
  • Send me a fun fact everyday
  • Send me a mindfulness tip everyday

I also found that you can ask it to send a joke daily with the ‘Send me a joke everyday’ command.

Once you issue the command you’ll be asked if you want to see the information daily, then a dialogue will ask you what time you want to be sent the information, which you can select from the suggested times or simply tell it.

To see what active subscriptions you have, simply say (or type) ‘See my daily updates’ or ‘See my subscriptions’. If you want to change a subscription, simply look at your subscription list then tap on it to change or cancel it.

Source: Google Support.