After arriving in the US earlier this year, Google Australia has today announced that Family Link is available in Australia.

Family Link is the easy way for you to control the mobile experience of your child, it lets you set parameters for use including setting a bed time which will let you remotely lock your child’s device when it’s time to play, study, or sleep, or manage what apps they install on their devices. You can also monitor how much time your child spends on their favourite apps, with reports generated on a weekly or monthly basis – and then set limits on those apps.

Google has always had an eye on monitoring childrens online safety, and Family Link allows for another level on mobile devices. Google is seeking active comment from Australian parents on Family link by way of their feedback tool found in the help menu.

If you want to learn more about Family Link you can head over to the Family Link website and check it out, there’s information there on setting up your account and your childs as well.

Source: Family Link.
Via: Google Australia.
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    Kids can’t use normal Youtube app under Family Link accounts and “Youtube for kids” looks like something for 5 year olds.


    Youtube for Kids is insidious and quite disturbing. I just deleted it off both iPads.

    Daniel Marsh

    Not available for G Suite google accounts 🙁

    Chris Rowland

    Indeed, this is very annoying, however I may set up a generic Google account so I can use this with my kids. Just a shame I can’t transfer purchases etc from G Suite to a personal account.


    Isn’t G Suite for businesses?

    Chris Rowland

    Not necessarily. Ausdroid uses G Suite, and I have a personal G Suite that my family uses.