It’s coming up to a busy (and expensive) time of year for a lot of people, with Christmas a big part of the Australian culture. Virgin Mobile is hoping to take some of the pain away offering $100 credit or 2 months free service on selected phone plans.

For starters, they’re offering a $100 credit on all $40+ phone and 12-month SIM plans. The $100 credit is available to new subscribers who sign up before the 31st of January 2018, with the credit applied by your second bill unless you leave earlier. The deal applies if you grab a new phone including a Samsung Galaxy S8 or OPPO R11, so check out what they have.

If you’re after some free service though, you can sign up on their SIM only plans, where Virgin Mobile are offering you 2 months free on all 12 month SIM Plans.

Yes, we completely agree they should be doing something for existing customers too, but at this stage their deals which include data rollover are pretty good. So, it is what it is.

If you are in the market for a new phone plan, then check out some of the deals on the Virgin Mobile website.

Source: Virgin Mobile.
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This only brings their plans up to the rest of the pack, if they sold their 22GB/Month for $40 instead of the after discount price of $50 they would be out in front.


Problem is, this is because they unilaterally just killed every plan they did. They aren’t even offering new pre-paid plans at the moment, with no saying how long before they kill off the existing subscriber plans.

Upshot is I’m planning to move away, probably to Aldi, who also have the advantage of the Telstra network, rather than the patchy Optus one.