We’ve all had that uncomfortable situation where you want to show some photos on your phone to someone else, and before you know it, they’re scrolling through everything else in your photo app as well. Screenshots of your banking details? Snapchats you’ve saved? Photos you’ve taken in the mirror? Worse?

Well anyway, it’s a situation a lot of people are familiar with for a lot of reasons, and there’s a neat Android solution available to ease this photo sharing anxiety. It’s called Secure Photo Viewer and it gives you an easy way to let someone look at a specific set of photos, instead of your entire photo collection.

Using it is really easy. Simply install the app – it’s free – and then select the photos you want your friend to see. Use Android’s Share tool, and share them to Secure Photo Viewer. The app will then prompt you to lock your phone, and you can do this just by tapping the power button. The app will then take over, and let your friend or whoever view only the photos you select. Better yet, they can’t break out of the app either, not without unlocking your phone first (so they’ll need your PIN or your fingerprint).

Now you can share your photos with your friends, family members or colleagues without fearing they’ll swipe around and see photos that no one should see (and that you probably shouldn’t have taken!)

Secure Photo Viewer
Secure Photo Viewer
Developer: Gree Tech Prog
Price: Free
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    I don’t know who these people are that think it’s OK to scroll through your phone, but I am glad I am not friends with any of them.