Tuesday , June 5 2018

A OnePlus 5T unboxing video appears online before being pulled, luckily this is the internet

Yesterday we saw some OnePlus 5T unboxing images appear online and at the time we wished they were a video. It seems we did not have to wait very long for that with one reviewer posting his unboxing video of the OnePlus 5T to his YouTube channel before removing it when he realised he was not meant to just yet. Luckily for us once something is on the internet it is there forever.

I hope this should be ok to post… I don’t see why not

Well known vlogger and unboxed, Karl Conrad receieved a OnePlus 5T reviewer pack in the mail and apparently no one told him he was under an embargo (or it was unclear) as he has revealed the phone on his YouTube channel. Someone obviously told him after he has posted it as he has since pulled it but unfortunately for him and OnePlus someone captured it and has posted it elsewhere — the Internet never forgets.

Here it is in all its glory. Watch it (after their ad) and decide for yourself on the 5T.

The video shows the new design of the 5T next to the OnePlus 5 and the refreshed design is a stunner. The covering on the back is the same material as the OnePlus 5 but this time the fingerprint sensor is on the back and the front display has an 18:9 aspect ratio.

It is a great first look at this phone as hands on video is always better viewing than static images. One thing for sure if OnePlus decide to sell this phone directly into Australia it will be my go-to recommendation for people looking for a new phone. The OnePlus 5 is already that for me and now with a refreshed design it has seemingly only gotten better (OnePlus have my address if they want me to be able to inform you first hand).

At this stage it is unclear whether they will eventually sell the phone permanently, or even temporarily, into Australia — I have no doubt it will be successful if they do. We will keep you posted should we hear anything.

Source: Daily Motion.

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  1. Come on 1+, sell it to us through your store again, asap.

    • maybe hit them up on Twitter to voice your opinion on this. I have been pushing for it as well but we need to vote with our feet and our wallets… and our social media channels 😀

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