If you’re still on the fence about buying a Pixel 2, take a look at this sample video shot this morning at the miniature railway operated by Hornsby Model Engineers Co-Op Ltd in Galston, in Sydney’s north. This is a weekend favourite of ours, and once a month we get the chance to take the kids on the mini trains. Something I thoroughly enjoyed as a kid, and the boys enjoy it too. There’s nothing especially exciting about the video; it’s just shot from my knee around the 1km track that HME runs, but it’s super smooth, the bumps in the track are smoothed out, and there’s been no editing whatsoever – shot on the Pixel 2, uploaded to YouTube and published. Bam.

You’ll note this was only shot in 1080p, so no, a 4K version isn’t available. But even for 1080p, the quality is pretty good. I’m quite happy with it and thought I’d share it with you all.

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    Anthony Klun

    OIS is doing an awesome job there.. Steady as. Quality is probably even better on your phone since YouTube likes to compress it a bit.. BTW, my 9yo daughter just saw this video as well and she wants me to take her there, Lol..

    Adam J

    Or for anybody south of Sydney:
    Illawarra Live Steamers (http://www.ils.org.au)

    Neville Wenban

    Or for those out in western Sydney http://www.ssme.org.au/


    That stability is absurdly good. Seems like Google absolutely nailed the OIS+EIS combo.

    Great video. Seems like Cameron is after something a little more exciting. When he’s a little older you should visit the Gold Coast and try a few attractions up here. He’d probably love rollercoasters.

    Allan Thomas

    Sensational! My Pixel 2 XL is on its way from Google. Can’t wait to try it out!