As well as the Game Pad accessory for the Moto Z, Motorola Australia have now begun selling the 360-degree camera mod for the Moto Z on their Australian store.

The price for the mod is quite high, with Motorola asking $369 for the mod, which is about what you can find a standalone 360-degree camera for.

The Moto Z 360-degree camera mod offers a fully spherical image capture using two 13MP 1.25 μm sensors behind f/2.0 apertures. The camera can capture both still, and video shots with 360° captured in 4K quality at 24fps. Just like other Moto Z mods, the 360-degree camera mod clips to the back of the Moto Z, using the proprietary connector to transfer data to the phone.

The mod can also capture 3D sound using 4 channel ambisonic capture for a spatial accurate experience during playback.

Both video and still shots can be edited on the Moto Z, with options for cropping, filters and adjustment of Exposure, Contrast, Vibrance and hue available for photos. Videos can be trimmed, compiled or edited into a ‘Director’s Cut’ as well. The resulting videos look great:

If you’ve been looking for a 360-degree camera and have a compatible Moto Z, then you can head over to the Motorola Australia website for more information.