Huawei have had a busy month or two announcing, and now launching, several new devices. Vodafone are hitching themselves to the Huawei freight train as Huawei attempts to consolidate their position as the second most prolific smartphone manufacturer in the world. This week they are launching four new Huawei devices on their network.

The four Huawei devices launching this week are the Mate 10, the Nova 2i, the Y5 2017, and the MediaPad T3. The devices cover nearly the full range of the mobile spectrum with the low end Y5 2017, the mid range 18:9 aspect ratio Nova 2i, the high end Mate 10 and a very low end MediaPad T3.

The Mate 10 is launching on Wednesday and comes with the inclusion of the Huawei 360 Panoramic VR Camera. Vodafone is offering the phone on a range of Red plans, with the phone available to purchase in Black on either 12, 24 or 36 month payment plans. Vodafone is pushing the phone on a $24.97 per month plan over 36 months with their $50 Red Plan, but with their new plan and phone purchase structure you can sort out your own deal.

The Nova 2i and the Mate 10 are currently on our review bench while the Y5 2017 we reviewed a few months ago. The MediaPad T3 is a tablet with very low end specs and we recommend checking that out instore before making any purchasing decisions — we do hope to get hands on with one in the coming weeks.

If you are looking for a new phone why not head on over to Vodafone and check out their offerings because this week they are launching enough phones to cover everyone’s price point.

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    Philip Donkin

    Is there anything on the LG V30 coming to a carrier?

    Philip Donkin

    Thanks very much!