Most of us at Ausdroid are well past being a part of the dating scene, and these results from a new survey conducted by Huawei confirm a few things. Firstly, we’re old, and secondly, apparently mobile use is far more acceptable in situations where perhaps it shouldn’t be.

Huawei surveyed 1,000 Aussie singles, and came up with some fairly interesting findings. The highlight? 70% of respondents confirmed that it’s acceptable to use your mobile phone on a date; however, some rules apply. According to Huawei mobile, it seems you’re not the only one who feels the urge to Instagram story your date, tag the two of you in on Facebook, or just take last minute work calls…

  • A third of people would take a selfie on a solo (27%) or group date (35%) and think it is far more acceptable than simply reading a text or email (14%)
  • Some Aussies clearly need conversation starters, ice breakers, or need to prove a point, as nearly half (44.5%) think it’s acceptable to show photos captured on your smartphone, and a third (solo date 26% vs. group 33%) use the internet to search for answers around your conversation topic.
  • Over one in ten (12%) feel that using Snapchat or Instagram is acceptable on a solo or group date to get the perfect shot of your espresso martini.

Apparently background checks are making their way into modern dating too; 85% of respondents confirming that it is acceptable to check out a prospective date’s social channels. The Huawei research also revealed what single Aussies do to find out more about their prospective date:

  • 80% of respondents own up to doing it ahead of a date
  • Almost half (45%) check them out on social media after meeting them
  • Nearly one in ten (8%) of Aussies even admit to checking out their date on social media during the date itself!

For those of you still looking, Huawei’s research overwhelmingly found that a group date is the perfect environment to meet a potential partner, which means you’ll have your wingman or wingwoman by your side.
A huge 66% say that it is a less stressful environment and would mean fewer chances of the dreaded awkward silences.

By meeting your date through friends, it also means you are more likely to have similar interests and things in common (64%).

This isn’t just hollow research, though. Huawei’s plugging the new Mate 10, which has AI technology to help us manage our diaries more easily. Huawei has partnered with Sydney Soirée, the ultimate group dating and dining experience for an event on Saturday 9th December. Sign up by Friday 24th November to take part and have the chance to win a new Huawei Mate 10!