Google Assistant powered speakers are getting a bit of a novel update with the ability to broadcast a message to all your speakers.

Announced last month alongside other neat features such as the ability to change the Assistant voice to male (U.S Only for now) the broadcast option lets you send a message to all your Assistant powered speakers saving you the hassle of either making a call or shouting upstairs.

The broadcast option can let you tell the household when it’s time for dinner, or you can tell your phone to broadcast that you’re on your way home from work. It’s a little playful too, with Google Assistant able to play a dinner bell when you say ‘Ok Google, broadcast it’s dinner time’, or other things when you choose common phrases such as when it’s time to wake up or go to bed.

Broadcast starts rolling out to Assistant on phones and speakers from today, so in usual Google fashion this may take a while to arrive. You have to have your speaker set to English, but it’s arriving here in Australia as well as in Canada, the U.S. and the UK as well.

Source: Google.
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    Matthew Armstrong

    Anyone tested yet with AU language? It’s not working via keyboard input. I’m not in a position to test with voice atm.

    Matthew Armstrong

    Me too….glad I’m not the only one ?

    Matthew Armstrong

    It’s live this morning!

    Phillip Malone

    This is such a great feature! I now have 3 homes (1 bought full home, mini I got with my Pixel 2 XL and one I got for developing a Google Action skill) and a wife that has medical conditions that mean she is bed bound quite a lot. This will mean that she can broadcast to the kids (or just the rest of the house) if she needs something from someone rather than having to yell which is frustrating for her as her voice isn’t too loud.

    Can’t wait for it to go live!