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Motorola might be re-entering the tablet market, with a new US-bound device

Mention the name Motorola XOOM and you’ll either hear groans, or engage a bit of reminiscing. It was, after all, the most highly promoted Android tablet, with its own Superbowl commercial and it ran the (only) tablet-exclusive variant of Android released — Android 3.0 Honeycomb. However, for many, it was a resounding failure, being rather heavy, thick, and poorly supported by an Android OS that wasn’t ready for tablets, and by app developers who weren’t either.

Motorola, or perhaps more likely its new owners Lenovo, might be changing that today, with an announcement of an exclusive tablet heading to AT&T in the good old US of A. Unimaginatively dubbed the ‘Moto Tab’, it looks amazingly similar to the Lenovo-branded Tab 4 10″ (or perhaps even the Tab 4 Plus 10″), and the promotional video does nothing to dispel that:

If it is simply a Motorola-branded version of an existing tablet, then this really isn’t all that exciting — you can buy this tablet (or one extraordinarily similar to it) from Officeworks for under $500. The specs aren’t remarkable; a Snapdragon 625 SOC is squarely middle of the road, and 2GB of RAM and 32GB on board storage complete the picture. It does, however, launch with Android 7.1, USB-C and a fingerprint sensor, putting on the good side of the middle.


Source: Lenovo Blog.
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