It’s been a while since Google updated their Home app, but with two new products (Home Mini and Max) announced this year, it seems the time to update is now.

Google has announced there’s some new features as well as a new look coming to the Google Home app. The app update is rolling out from today and includes support for both Google Home speakers and Google Assistant supported speakers.

Google has listed the new features which include:

  1. Ready for our close-up: We’ve given the app a full makeover, and it’s much more intuitive. Key navigation buttons are now at the bottom, closer to your fingers.
  2. Browse your faves: You’ll see recommended content from all your streaming services—making it easy to find the movies, music and shows you want to watch and jump directly into your favorite streaming services to play them.
  3. Better search: When you want to watch that one rom-com but can’t remember the name of it, you can search by actor, artist, genre or category.
  4. Movie trailers: Android users can now cast movie trailers for everyone to watch on TV, while still using their phone to seamlessly swipe and play trailers for related content.
  5. More control: Have more say over your entire viewing and listening experience with redesigned controllers. You can even adjust advanced sound settings like bass and treble on your Google Assistant supported speakers, like Google Home.

The update appears to be available in Google Play now, so head over and check your updates in Google Play to try it out.

Google Home
Google Home
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