After leaking last month, the Polaroid branded instant printer Moto Mod has today been made official.

The Polaroid Insta-Share Printer lets you print photos from your Moto Z series phone instantly using Polaroid’s Premium Zero-Ink (ZINK) Paper. You can print photos from anywhere, Instagram, Facebook, Google Photos etc. all you need is an image and you can print.

The photos aren’t large, the ZINK photos measure just 2″x3″ (5.08cmx7.62cm) in size, but they’re enough for a keepsake of a precious memory. The ZINK photos have a sticky back allowing you, or the kids to stick them anywhere you want to.

The Polaroid Insta-Share printer will be going on-sale at Verizon in the US this week, with other retailers following next month. The printer will be priced at $199.99USD ($263.93AUD), Motorola has said that the Insta-Share printer will be coming to other markets globally in the coming months.

Source: Motorola.