The Google Assistant powered TicHome Mini from Mobvoi is heading to Australian retail with Jaycar Electronics listing them on their website.

It’s not time to get excited as yet, with the website showing that the product is out of stock in both Black and White – the only two colours Jaycar will stock.

The TicHome Mini is priced at $179, a good deal more expensive than the speaker sells for on the Mobvoi site where it’s listed for $126.81 AUD and is shipped to Australia for free – you can save even further by ordering three and getting 25% off your entire order and choose a teal or pink coloured speaker instead of just black or white.

Google Assistant powered speakers are starting to become available now, though the TicHome Mini is one-up on most being splashproof and battery powered to allow for greater portability.

After speaking with Jaycar stores it appears that the speaker is set to arrive mid-December, just in time for Christmas. If you can wait that long and want to pay a little extra for the convenience of purchasing at retail then you may want to pre-order from your local Jaycar store.

Source: Jaycar.
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    $179 !!!!

    They are seriously having a laugh.

    Target for type of thing will be $50, with competition incoming from the Echo Dot. Seriously, Australian retail has no idea.