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Amazon launching in Australia this Thursday, 23rd November

Speculation has been rife for some time firstly over whether Amazon would come here and secondly (after the first was confirmed) when it would launch. New information is now suggesting that this coming Thursday the 23rd of November Amazon will launch into Australia.

According to The New Daily and Inside Retail sources have confirmed to them that Amazon will begin a “soft launch” into Australia this Thursday with the official launch on Friday. Their sources were retailers who wished to remain anonymous but had received emails from Amazon telling them to expect orders on Thursday.

In recent days, the Amazon warehouse in Dandenong, Victoria has been inspected by the Country Fire Authority and deemed safe to begin operating. Adding to this, some companies have been contacted to organise Amazon-coloured marketing material to be given away in Melbourne at Southern Cross Station on Thursday afternoon. Events are also planned for Sydney and Perth according to one source.

The good news is that Amazon will be here in its entirety on Friday. They have signed up over 500 retailers for the Australian store, with many more expected to follow. For us consumers that is great news. Black Friday is this Friday, closely followed by Cyber Monday next week. Who doesn’t love heavily discounted tech toys and gadgets?

Finally Amazon is bringing it’s retail business here which can only mean better pricing for customers. Jump onto the Amazon Australia website on Thursday and check out their offerings before ALL of them are added on Friday.

Source: The New Daily.

Scott Plowman   Associate Editor

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6 Comments on "Amazon launching in Australia this Thursday, 23rd November"

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Valued Guest

Everything on the Amazon Aus site, still references back for shipping from Overseas, today Friday 24/11/17
So much for the “Big” launch black Friday or whatever.


Technically Amazon said nothing about a launch. It’s the media at fault.

Valued Guest

Wrong nothing happened.

Valued Guest

Still nothing on Friday.

Daniel Tyson
Ausdroid Manager

There’s definitely movement. The ‘everything else’s section is up now, but nothing you can buy yet…


Put that in your pipe HN and smoke it! 🙂

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