Controlling the calendar on Google Home is getting easier, with a new option showing up in the Google Home app to let you change default calendar.

The option is found in the slide out nav drawer, in the Google Assistant ‘More Settings’ sub-menu. Heading into the Calendar setting shows the calendars associated with your account, you can then choose whether those calendars are associated with your account when talking to Google Home.

You can change the Default Calendar to create events in when talking to Google Home, but note you can’t choose calendars you don’t own or haven’t created – like the UFC Events Calendar I have associated with my account.

The Calendar settings are showing up in version of the Google Home app. If you’re not seeing it there, ensure you’ve updated to the latest version of Google Home in the Play Store and it should be there shortly.

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Google Home
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    John Winstead

    thanks for share information about these topic appvn apk

    Gary Bath

    Nice addition.

    Now I can hear the calendar for the whole family without having to mimic my wife’s voice and without having multiple Good Mornings to Google.


    Sigh Google! But still no calendar support for paying (and non-paying) G Suite account users!

    For G Suite users, under that calendar setting you will see a message “Sorry, I can’t access your G Suite calendar yet. But I’m learning how to do new things every day.” Well Google, you’ve had over a year now to learn how to do that! Amazon Alexa learnt many months ago!

    Chris Rowland

    An ongoing source of frustration; I live for the day when G Suite calendars are supported!


    The sad thing is that Google are not advertising the limited functionality for G Suite accounts. Some people have even claimed it’s misleading advertising! You will read of numerous people who have gone out there and bought a Google Home only to be very disappointed when they discover their G Suite account is not fully compatible. Many have taken it back straight away for a refund! Plus, there’s been no indication of any commitment by Google to fully support G Suite accounts. It would be great if Ausdroid could write up a dedicated article to warn users/readers about this limitation.… Read more »

    Philip Clark

    Still no support for non-Gmail calendars 🙁 “How’s my day looking” will be much more useful when it can tell me my work schedule.