Chrome OS is about to get a new feature that will excite users with inline reply support being added for notifications.

The support for inline reply from notifications is supported in Android apps on Chrome OS, but the notifications from Chrome OS apps have so far not offered this support. A bug report filed on the Chrome Issue tracker notes that inline reply support is supported on both Windows and Android support inline reply, and it’s time for Chrome OS to do it to.

Inline reply on an Android app on Chrome OS

The code change request found on shows that the feature is well on its way to production.

Add notification inline reply support to Chrome OS.

This adds UI side support of notification inline reply to
NotificationViewMD, which is a View framework notification
implementation used in Chrome OS.

Several features are missing from this implementation.
– Animation
– Submit icon on the right side


Change-Id: I65108a5cf6d4cf654972e260ca93f2712bf9fc68

Chrome OS usually sees these features on the Canary build, before moving down through Developer, Beta and finally Stable channels. With an average 6 weeks between Chrome updates, we could see this on stable builds in a few months.

Source: Chrome Story.