Sony’s Google Assistant powered smart speaker announced at IFA in September has reached Australia with the speaker now available to order.

The awkwardly named LF-S50G is available on the Sony Australia website for $249 in Black, Blue and White colour options. Sony it appears offers free delivery for the speaker, so for $249, you can get one of these beauties delivered to your door.

The LF-S50G speaker offers 360º sound with a two stage diffuser to spread sound in all directions. With an LED clock built-in the speaker should make it a very able alarm clock beside your bed that can also offer all the smart functions of the Google Assistant.

The LS-50G includes a full range 48mm satellite speaker and 53mm Sub Woofer to reproduce a full sound with excellent levels. The speaker is IPX3 rated so will take a light spray, but won’t be fully splash resistant.

Included wireless connections include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC (for pairing), and a built-in gesture panel is included to let you start playing music, skip tracks or adjust the volume – or you can ask Google Assistant to do that for you.

There’s no word yet from Sony on retail availability, but we’ve asked and will update if they have anything to announce. If you’re in the market for a new Google Assistant speaker, the LS-S50G is available now on the Sony Australia website.

Thanks to John in the comments, the speaker is available at JB HiFi for $249 in all three colours as well.

Update 2:
Thanks to Mendo in comments, you can also find the LF-S50G speakers in all three colours at Harvey Norman for $248 (gotta save that dollar!).

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Brandon D'Souza

This has gone on sale today at Addicted to Audio for $199, they’ve had it for a while now.

Steve Nguyen

Available through David Jones too

Mendo Vasilevski

Already at Harvey Norman too… A dollar cheaper LOL


hope someone can review it to comment on its speaker quality and microphone quality.

thong tran

It’s already at jbhifi

John Bousattout

Why do the pictures look so darn tempting for?


Been looking for a new bed clock as well as considering getting a Google home for my room. Could be two birds one stone if the speaker sounds good. 🙂