Everyone loves free stuff and everyone especially loves free stuff Made by Google. Woolworths, hot on the heels of handing out free Google Home Minis to rewards points holders, wants to hand out more.

In a new promotion Woolworths are offering a free Google Home Mini to their online shoppers who spend at least $300 in a single transaction at Woolworths Online. To be eligible you must place your order by 11:59 AEDT Sunday 3rd December 2017 and enter the code GHONL9976 at checkout.

Their are terms and conditions of course, aside from the timeframe and the qualifying spend amount. Only one redemption of a Google Home Mini is allowed per account and the qualifying amount excludes delivery charges, internet cafes, purchases of smoking/tobacco products and accessories, Gift Cards, mobile recharge, Woolworths Mobile, travel cards and tickets, woolworthsflowers.com.au, and Carpet Care and lottery products.

After you have placed your order the Google Home Mini will be delivered (separately to your Woolworths Online order) within 15 days to your nominated address. Google Home Minis cannot be delivered to PO Boxes so if you planned to use one, think again.

Woolworths and Google really want to make it easy for me to buy stuff from them so who am I to argue: I’m off to buy $300 worth of protein bars for my second free Google Home Mini from Woolworths.

Source: Woolworths.
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Has anybody else had issues with Woolworths? They said I qualified, and kept pushing out the delivery dates. After at least a dozen contacts, they’re now saying I don’t qualify! Apparently I purchased a mobile recharge (which is excluded in the T&Cs) but this is not true! I’m feeling very ripped off right now.

If anyone else has had a bad experience with this, it would be great if you could reply to my Facebook post here: https://www.facebook.com/woolworths/posts/1847505221988267


Can anyone who has made an order qualifying for this deal let me know whether they received any kind of confirmation from Woolworths confirming that they were actually going to get it? I applied the promo code to a suitable order and got the message saying the code had been applied at checkout, but I now can’t find any evidence in my emails/invoice/Woolworths account to support this. Is this normal – should I just expect it to turn up out of the blue some time in the 15 business days after my order date? What if it doesn’t?

Daniel Tyson

Hi Emily, I placed my order a day or two before the deal ended and received an email saying that my Home Mini was on its way. Check your email account associated with your Everyday Rewards card for Home Mini and it should come up. Otherwise might be time to try Woolworths support.


Thanks, Daniel – much appreciated.


Returning with an update in case anyone else was in a similar situation to me… Never ended up getting any kind of notification from either Woolworths or AusPost that it was on its way – and yes, I checked my spam 😛 – but it ended up being delivered unexpectedly on 13/12 (for reference, I placed my WW order on 05/12).


Internet Cafés???

Daniel Tyson

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ your guess is as good as ours!


Woolies Town Hall in Sydney has/had an internet cafe on the top floor, next to the cafeteria.

Daniel Tyson

Well there you go. Never been to the top floor up there. Might have to next time I’m in Sydney to check it out.