We’ve covered this deal before, because it’s one that Telstra and JB HiFi run fairly frequently these days … but ultimately, we’re covering it again because it’s actually a really good deal.

For customers of any other network, you can port across to Telstra in a JB HiFi store and get a $49/mo plan which includes 20GB of data each month, unlimited calls and SMS within Australia, and a bonus $200 JB Gift Card.

The plan is actually $59 a month, but with a $10 port in credit, that cost is effectively $49 each month over the 12 month minimum contract term, making a total minimum commitment of $588 over twelve months.

This represents pretty great value for money, as Telstra ordinarily offers just 10GB with their $49 plan, and to get 20GB a month, the plans start at $79 a month. So, if you’re looking to consider a new deal, this might be a good one for you. If not, check out some of our other plan coverage to find the right service offering for you:

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Luke Roberts

Or… if you are happy with 24 months contract and only 15gb data…

Port your no. in on the $59 plan.. get 15gb data and get a free Pixel 2 XL…. then sell the Pixel 2 XL for say $1100… then the plan only costs you about $300 over 24 months!

Anthony Klun

How exactly does that $10 port in credit work anyway??

Anthony Klun

Thanks for your prompt reply, makes sense now.. Voda does a similar offer with extra data, which drops a few gigs after the 12 month plan is over.

Neerav Bhatt

$49/mnth effectively as $10 credit off your bill ongoing, even past the 12 months

You can port from almost any 3rd party Telstra MVNO eg woolies, ALDI. Just not BOOST


Went with the aldi 12 months plan that came out again yesterday.


Make sure they charge you the correct amount, my brother got charged $79 instead of $49.