Australian consumer audio maker BlueAnt has launched their completely wireless Pump Air True Wireless earbuds and they’re now available to purchase in Australia

Priced at $169.99, the earbuds offer a mega-loud, rich HD audio experience for a very competitive price. The earbuds weigh in at a mere 4 grams each, with the buds still able to deliver more than 3 hours of battery life and a solid connection to your device with support for Bluetooth 4.2.

The earbuds have a microphone built-in for taking calls, or telling Google to turn up the tunes or any other command you want.

The earbuds come in three colours: black, white and rose gold and are made of a sleek, soft touch material that should be comfortable in the ears for hours on end. Four sizes of ComfortSeal and three sizes of ComfortSeal Plus tips are included to ensure they sit securely and comfortably in your ear.

You can also work out hard with the earbuds offering an IP54 rating.

The buds look great, are comfortable and will sound great according to BlueAnt founder Taisen Maddern who said

We’ve maximised the quality of the new Pump Airs, so they’re all play and no work. You just put them in, switch on your music and you have hours of uninterrupted listening. We’ve focused on the bass and audio quality with the Pump Airs, so the sound is richer and louder than anything else you’ll find on the market.

The buds come in a carrying case which doubles as a charger, offering up to fifteen hours of on-the-go use which should last you several charges. The case can offer top ups with a mere 20 minutes giving you up to an hour of use.

The headphones are available at JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and Tech2Go in Australia for AUD$169.99, or you can check them out on the BlueAnt website.

Source: BlueAnt.