Niantic Labs, makers of the phenomenon that is Pokemon Go has today unleashed the normally Asia bound Farfetch’d Pokemon globally after users caught 3 billion Pokemon.

The Pokemon team launched the ‘The Global Catch Challenge’ on the 19th of November in a bid to encourage Pokemon trainers around the world to catch 3 billion Pokemon in the lead up to the Pokémon GO Safari Zone event in Tottori, Japan, on November 26. As a reward, Farfetch’d would be unlocked globally for 48 hours, while the normally Australian bound Kangaskhan would appear in East Asia for 48 hours.

The 3 billion Pokemon were successfully caught today and so for the next 48 hours, Pokemon trainers around the world can catch Farfetch’d all over the world.

Farfetch’d is a Pokemon resembling a duck normally seen in the game carrying a spring onion. In Pokemon Go, Farfetch’d has previously been limited to the Asian region, so only trainers visiting Asian countries have been able to add the Pokemon to their Pokedex.

If you’re a mad keen, or even casual Pokemon Go player, fire up the app and try and find Farfetch’d in your local area right now.

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