At the announcement of the new Pixel 2 devices on October 4th, Google announced their new ‘Made for Google’ accessory program. The list of manufacturers partnered included Bellroy, an Australian leather goods company and they sent over a Pixel 2XL leather case for us to check out.

The case itself is made out of a flexible ‘polymer’ (plastic) with leather over the top and a soft inner layer to protect your phone. The case slips on quite easily and is easy to take off, but once on it’s moulded onto the body of the phone quite securely. There are recessed holes for the power and volume rocker as well as a cut out at the base for the USB-C port and microphones – there’s a hole at the top for the secondary mic as well.

The only feedbac I have is that the cut outs for the Power button and volume rocker could be a little wider allowing easier access to the buttons, but apart from that the case is brilliant.

In terms of longevity the case is going well, it’s been a week and I’m not terribly easy on cases. The case has very minor lines, but they were only visible upon close inspection under a very harsh, bright white light. Under normal light I couldn’t even discern any marks. You can see here a comparison of the case straight out of the box and a week later:

As far as cases go, the leather outer on the Bellroy Pixel 2 case is very comfortable in the hand with the soft, warm feel of natural leather and it’s likely only going to get better with age – that is the beauty of leather after all. It’s not terribly pricey for a leather case either at $59 for the Pixel 2 case and $69 for the Pixel 2 XL case.

The verdict is that it’s a very nice case. Bellroy sent over the Navy coloured case – they’re available in Black, Navy, Stone and Caramel colour options. After a week on my Pixel 2 XL, I can happily recommend this case. The case has weathered my usual clumsiness and sometimes Pig-Pen style life with great aplomb.

If you want to order one for yourself, you can head over to the Bellroy website now to check them out.

Source: Bellroy.
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    I’ve had this case since the Pixel 2 XL launch, it’s okay, but the sides would have been better made from leather. Great leather on the back, but the design makes for ridges between the case and the screen, making it uncomfortable to use… I’m switching it out for another brand.

    Allan Thomas

    I got a Spigen “Tough Armour” for Pixel 2 XL from Amazon U.S. Perfect fit, very snug but not too hard to fit or remove, not at all slippery, flush kickstand. I’m happy with it. A$56, delivered


    How easily the edge of display to attract dust compared with other cases?

    I had try couple of cases, so far official fabric case is the one attract less dust compared with TPU + PC cases.


    I saw these in Telstra the other day too but for $10 more. How grippy is the case compared to a TPU case líke Tech21?

    Chris Rowland

    Tech21 cases are like super glue. They have amazing grip. I’ve heard stories that they’ll even stay put on car’s external surfaces when driving.


    Yup, they sure are pretty grippy. I’ll have to try that Pixel 2