LG’s mobile aspirations have never quite gelled into a runaway success like a certain other South Korean manufacturer, but they’re not stopping and for the launch of the LG G7 they might be trying something different.

There are two rumours circulating at the moment with a possible early launch of the G7 in January, while another source is saying it’s possible there will be two variants of the LG G7 with slightly different specs released.

The source for an early launch is Business Korea, a Korean news publication who has run a piece alongside the rumour from Evan Blass of a launch of the Galaxy S9/S9+ at CES. Business Korea says ‘LG Electronics is considering a plan to release its next product, the G7, in January of next year. ‘

The launch of the G7 in January could be an opportunity for LG to jump ahead of Samsung in being first to market with their 2018 ‘Flagship’ model. The downside to this is it would likely be running with a Snapdragon 835 – which would technically at that stage be last years flagship SoC, similar to how they launched the G6 this year.

The launch of the G7 however could have a shining light, with a second source, this time from a forum – clien.net – which says that LG may be considering two versions of the G7, one with an LCD display running a Snapdragon 835, while a second model with an OLED display could launch, presumably later in the year, with an OLED display and a Snapdragon 845. According to the forum post, the OLED model would be going to Korea and North America.

Samsung caused a small amount of chaos this year by snapping up the initial runs of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor for US and Chinese variants of the Galaxy S8/S8+, and rumours suggest that this could be the same for the Snapdragon 845. This year it took until around May for other manufacturers to begin launching devices with Snapdragon 835, so it could be around May that we see a second variant of the LG G7.

These are all rumours at this stage, so it’s possible we may see a similar launch of the G7 at Mobile World Congress as we did last year. It is, as usual a matter of wait and see.

Source: clien.net.
Via: reddit.
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Joshua Hill

2 different models. One with double the memory and a higher quality DAC. Sound familiar 😉

When will LG learn.


The 845 is on the same process as the 835, 10nm.
So I doubt they will even need to use the 835 as it will likely be widely available by February.