Shopping for office supplies is now easier with Australian office supply chain Officeworks announcing a new Google Assistant app is now available.

The Officeworks Assistant app is, as usual in the Assistant app directory. You can call on the Officeworks Assistant app by saying ‘Talk to Officeworks’ at which point you’ll need to link your Google account to your Officeworks account.

Once linked you can locate your nearest store (once you’ve allowed it access to your location) and find out information such as opening hours, search their product database that includes information on more than 35,000 products online as well as listen to information about those products and if you want them, add them to your shopping list.

Officeworks Customer Experience & eCommerce Manager, David Pisker, said

We are excited to provide customers with another way to engage with our brand anywhere, anytime and in any way they want. It’s easier than ever to manage different aspects of your home and office ahead of time or from a remote location. Our aim is to educate Australians on how this smart technology can benefit their everyday lives.

The Officeworks Google Assistant app is pretty good, it found my local store quite easily, but had issues with some of the queries for things like Google Home/Google Home Mini but then was able to find a 16GB USB Drive. So, it’s a bit hit and miss, but it’s quite a decent first attempt that will surely get better over time.

If you want to try it out, fire up Google Assistant on your phone, or ask your Google Home/Home Mini or Assistant powered smart speaker to Talk to Officeworks.