Google Home is getting better and better each day, with new functions and the latest is the ability to give multiple commands to Google Home without having to re-wake it in between each one.

Discovered by reddit user ProZsolt, it’s sort of like what Routines will be when they finally arrive. Routines will let you to string multiple commands (turn on lights, start your My Day announcements, turn on the TV etc.) when you say a single command such as “Ok (Hey) Google, Good Morning”

The multiple commands option that’s now live however allows you to tell Google Home to turn on your lights, set a timer and start playing a playlist for example in one sentence rather than waking Home every time you need to issue a command. It works on Google Home and Home Mini, but unfortunately not Google Assistant on your phone yet.

Here it is in action:

There’s still some teething issues, but it seems pretty good from our limited testing here so if you’ve been waiting for this function

Via: reddit.
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    Would be a good start if I could turn on the lights at certain brightness/colour setting. Atm need to tell it to turn them on first and then issue a new command for brightness…

    Luke Vesty

    Multiple instructions wasn’t working on my Google Home when I tried about an hour ago…