Ever since my kids were tiny we have used Google’s Santa tracking app to keep tabs on the big fella in the lead up to the Christmas. Each year Google have updated and improved the app to make it more fun and interesting, this year is no different.

Google have updated the app this year showing Santa’s new village and it seems it has received a major facelift. Along with Santa’s new village there are a heap of new games for the kids to play along with more being added each day.

There are also a few videos to watch showing Santa and his elves at work but some of these are only watchable after certain dates.

This year there are updates to allow better tracking and app functionality on Android Wear along with the new ability to follow Santa’s journey on Android TV.

Once again Google is showing that it can have fun as well as do the serious stuff. If you have young kids, or just want some Christmas-flavoured fun head on over to the Play Store or the Santa Tracker website and check it out.

Google Santa Tracker
Google Santa Tracker
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Play Store.