In some good news JB Hi-Fi are now selling the Nest products available here in Australia, specifically the Nest Protect and the Nest Cam indoor and outdoor cameras. As part of the the launch JB Hi-Fi are offering a bonus Google Home Mini with every Nest product purchased.

The deal is available on all Nest products and runs until 3 January 2018. While all the Nest products are sold at JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and Officeworks the free Google Home Mini looks exclusive to JB Hi-Fi, at least for now.

It’s almost a shame that the Home Mini is on sale right now as this kind of reduces the value of this pretty sweet deal. To qualify you need to buy the Nest product and Google Home mini in the same transaction. I saw someone buy multiple Nest Protects and get a free Google Home Mini for each one.

If you’ve been considering a Nest Protect and wanted some Home Minis for around the house or as gifts you should check out this deal.

Source: JB Hi-Fi.
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Dennis Bareis

Why would a powered smoke alarm only work for 10 years?

RE: “It is compliant with Australian smoke alarm standards, tests itself automatically and can be used for up to 10 years.”

Daniel Tyson

Smoke alarm sensors (the sensors that detect smoke inside apparently, not the batteries or electronics) can in theory ‘Go Bad’ after a time. I can only really see US reports, but most of those recommend replacing them after 10 years – and since nest is US-based it would probably be due to that that this recommendation is made.

You can test an older one with some aerosolised smoke but it’s not a bad idea to look into replacing older units anyway.