For whatever reasons, after launching their latest flagship phone, OnePlus have again decided that the Australian market isn’t quite enough to warrant coming here at launch. That’s cool, because they still make a great phone, and in this modern day and age the internet allows us to purchase it for a great price from a number of sources. We’ve put together a list of places you can buy the phone from and all will ship to Australia.

First, a bit of a reminder about the phone. Launched mid-November, the OnePlus 5T ticks almost all the boxes you could want for a flagship level phone, including a rock bottom price that just can’t be beat. The OnePlus 5T also looks great to boot with a newer slimmer design that incorporates the newer 6.01″, 18:9 aspect ratio 1080 x 2160 resolution Optic AMOLED display. Launched in black, a red model for the Chinese market has since been launched (and yes, there’s a link for a red one below too).

The OnePlus 5T is running a Snapdragon 835 System on Chip and comes in two options: 6GB RAM/64GB storage or 8GB RAM/128GB storage. For us, importing the phone there’s a bit of a price hike, but you may want to consider storage as there is no microSD card slot in the phone. The OnePlus 5T again has a dual-camera setup, with a 16MP+20MP sensors mounted next to each other for excellent portrait photography.

So, that’s enough about the phone, how do you get one? Well, here we go.

Mail Forwarder

Of course if you want to buy a OnePlus 5T from OnePlus themselves you can. You can employ a shipping forwarder such as ComGateway (our preferred service, but there are many, many more very good ones). If you buy directly from OnePlus, the 5T will set you back $499 for the 6GB/64GB model or $559 for the 8GB/128GB model. You’ll get it shipped to your preferred shipping forwarder and then organise with them to ship it to Australia for an additional cost.

Third Party Sellers

Of course messing around with shipping forwarders isn’t for everyone so we’ve checked out the best third-party sellers offering the OnePlus 5T for sale – or pre-order – on their websites.

The prices listed here are in Australian dollars (and are correct at this time), but don’t all include shipping. Places like Gear Best and BangGood will ship to Australia for free, but other places may add shipping costs so factor that into your prices. Another factor to look at as well is that some vendors don’t actually have stock yet, but it’s a short wait from what we can see.

Warranty is a factor, with some vendors offering local warranty while some don’t. You should check out the terms and conditions on each vendors website before jumping in.

So, without further ado, here’s the list of places:

6GB/64GB (Black) 8GB/128GB (Black) 8GB/128GB Red
GearBest $793.18 N/A N/A
Banggood $756.34 $950.49 N/A
Expansys $740 $854.99 N/A
eGlobal $709 $829 N/A
DWI $739 $859 N/A
OPPOMART $691.79 $817.80 $880.81

If you try a more exhaustive search you will of course find more vendors offering the OnePlus 5T. We’ve purchased from each of these vendors and had a pretty decent experience with them all though, so that’s something to think about. So, if you’ve been wanting to buy a OnePlus 5T get out there and grab one.

Note: Some links included here are affiliate links. You pay no extra and we get a little something for linking to their site.

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    Dennis Bareis

    Has OppoMart got anything to do with Oppo? If yes, does that get you an Australian warranty?

    John Bousattout

    Hanging out for the Xmas deals. Hopefully a red one or Star wars edition for Xmas.


    It’s certainly very tempting. However the lack of water resistance (IP67/68) makes me think I may wait for the OP6 is 5-6 months time to see if it gets added

    Scott Plowman

    use a ziplock bag mate 😛


    Lol, yeah good idea. I guess maybe I should have waited before buying a Pixel 2 but I love the fact I can just walk into a store and buy a phone.

    Peter Jolly

    Awesome list. Makes the choice so much easier. Thank you guys! Very very tempting.