From today, customers can take up an NBN connection through Vodafone online, over the phone, or in 78 stores across Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Geelong and Newcastle. Sure, the NBN is the NBN, but Vodafone has a few unique features which may be of interest.

The first is Instant Connect – instead of waiting for the NBN connection process which can take a little while, with Vodafone you’ll be connected on day one. Connect in store, and you’ll take home equipment which will connect you over Vodafone’s 4G network from day one, and when the NBN is connected, you’ll keep the 4G hardware to use as a backup in case your NBN connection fails or requires service.

Vodafone’s General Manager of Broadband Services Matthew Lobb said the company has taken on board the feedback of hundreds of customers who have trialled the Vodafone NBN experience over recent months.

“Our customers told us they loved being connected to the internet from day one via our mobile network while they waited for their NBN installation.

Based on feedback from our trial customers, we have automated the 4G Back Up service so customers will not have to contact us if they experience an issue with their NBN connection.

We are taking a sensible and staged approach to the rollout of Vodafone NBN to ensure we get the customer experience right, and we will continue to use our customers’ feedback to help us make refinements.”

To celebrate the launch of Vodafone NBN in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Geelong, Newcastle and Wollongong, for a limited period from Monday 4 December,  Vodafone is offering three months’ free plan fees for eligible customers connecting to 24 month plans. Those plans start at $70 a month for unlimited broadband, and include all the hardware you’ll need to connect at no upfront cost.

For further information, you can view Vodafone’s NBN plans or find a store where you can sign up today.

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Geoff Stewart

Good ole Adelaide misses out again.


The Telstra Frontier modem drop to 4G if the NBN goes down buts its limited to 6Mps. So Vodafone has taken a much bigger step. 3 months free and bonus mobile data is a good incentive.

Dean Rosolen

So when your NBN connection dies, you’re stuck with Vodafone’s coverage? Sounds like trading one devil for another if you ask me.


I dunno, Vodafone’s coverage is an order of magnitude better than Optus, and sometimes better than Telstra, at my house.

Dean Rosolen

Yeah I guess when it comes to coverage, your mileage may vary. If you can get good Vodafone coverage then by all means go ahead and sign up.

As an aside, this was my first test of the email notification for replies and I’m happy to report that it’s a complete success.

Dean Rosolen

Well the email notifications half worked. Doesn’t seem to be working on replies to replies (such as this one).


Just had a look on their website and looks really great. They solve a unsolved problem for NBN which is getting disconnected quite often.

But I have a question here, you have to use their WiFi hub to get the 4G backup, can I use their WiFi hub and Google WiFi together without any problem or can’t??