After missing their rumoured Black Friday launch, Amazon Australia has today gone live offering discounted goods in over 20 categories including Books, Music, Clothing & Accessories, Consumer Electronics and Kitchen ware.

All the orders will be fulfilled from Amazon’s fulfillment centre in Dandenong Victoria.

Amazon Prime hasn’t launched as yet, though Amazon expects it to launch here in mid-2018, but they are offering 1-day shipping to selected areas across Australia. Amazon has said that ‘customers can enjoy free delivery on eligible orders above $49 that are sold by Amazon’. Anyone interested in pre-registering for Prime can head over to

The Amazon experience in Australia will improve said Rocco Braeuniger, Country Manager of Amazon Australia :

Over time, we will create thousands of new jobs and invest hundreds of millions of dollars in Australia. The result will be an ever-improving customer experience driven by the regular introduction of new products and services that we hope customers will love.

Amazon Australia at launch has a pretty good range including Chromebooks from $289.23 for the Asus C202SA which should make everyone a bit happier about Chromebook availability in Australia. They also have Amazon Basics for things like USB-C cables (USB-A – USB_C from $11.99 or USB-C – USB-C for $13.99). At launch they’ve got loads of other specials including:

Australian customers can now shop on or using the Amazon shopping app which is available from Google Play.

Amazon Shopping
Amazon Shopping
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Source: Amazon Australia.
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    Amazon to me its more than finding bargains but rather finding products that you cannot source locally. Unfortunately the present stock falls well short, about 85% short, of what you can get at amazon USA. Just going to take time for stock to increase I suspect.

    Dean Rosolen

    Amazon seems to have dropped the ball on this one going by some of the comments I’ve seen. I wonder if there was some behind the scenes meddling by Gerry Harvey and co to hamstring the Amazon AU launch as much as possible.


    People need to realise that amazon are here for the long haul, they are very strong in analytics, which is a known weakness in Australian retailers.

    Amazon will improve massively over the short term.

    Paul Warner

    Tried doing a test order from here in NZ. Selected the item non tech but at the checkout I got. Item can’t be shipped to New Zealand. But of a failure after all the media hype over here.


    I checked many blu-ray (4k) and it is the same price at JB-Hifi. Some movies are not even available. That’s not a good start for Amazon… They should have offered free shipping for all orders at launch… What a disappointment!


    Intel® NUC Kit NUC7i5BNH at (Amazon Australia $601.95) (Scorptec AU $529 in store) (eBay AU $487 to $535) Oh BTW Amazon US$305 or AU$401. i also looked at Seagate Backup Slim 1TB they are the same or more expensive than Officeworks. So at this stage stop panicking Aussie retailers!!


    Very Ho-Hum if you ask me. Very very “Under-whelming”.
    Looked at laptops for the granddaughter for Xmas, top of the line stuff, nearly half price at JB’s compered to Amazon. Same with WiFi extenders and other gear we compared and a heap of other stuff in different categories
    Very disappointing after all the Hype.


    Hmm Google Home Wifi 3 pack $512 plus 11 shipping…. more than RRP. Why bother.


    This has been a massive failure for Amazon. They have had a whole lot of positive publicity and it’s all going to turn around and hit them in the face now.

    Basically all they have are the 3rd party aussie merchants, with the same overpricing and poor service. Few of the expected Amazon goodies (even the Fire TV stick is now missing) and no effective selling of their own lines at sane prices.

    If I were Jeff, I’d be sacking those responsible for screwing this up.


    Google home mini $86.50 + $9.50 delivery, isnt RRP $79 in Australia? (currently $53 @ HN, $55 @JB HiFi