It’s taken a while but the Google Pixel Buds are now in-stock on the Google Store for $249 in three colours.

The Pixel Buds, Google’s first attempt at a consumer headphone, have arrived on the Google Store for $249 in Just Black, Clearly White and Kinda Blue. They don’t appear to be “In-Stock” with the Google Store advising that they will ship by December 13.

The Pixel Buds are Bluetooth earphones, that are connected by a braided cord that offer up to 5 hours of battery life, with additional charges supplied by the included carrying case. A touchpad on the side of the buds offers on-board controls for music playing and of course accessing the Google Assistant.

There’s free shipping to Australia included with the $249 price tag from the Google Store, which is estimated to deliver the buds to your door between December 19-22, or you can pay $23 for International Priority shipping which will get them here by December 15th – 20th.

If you don’t want to purchase the Pixel Buds from the Google Store you can try your luck at JB Hifi and Telstra stores who will also be stocking them, though we haven’t been able to confirm stock levels at this time.

If you want to read through what they’re like, Chris has published his review of the Pixel Buds which you can check out here.

If you want to order the Pixel Buds from the Google Store you can head over now and check them out.

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Just putting up for discussion. Has anyone thought that Google should buy Bose?


My first thought that comes to mind is they are overpriced , not really surprised though , it seems everything the big g sells these days is ridiculously expensive .

Phillip Malone

Hmmm….Was very keen to get my hands on these when they were first announced but with all the bad reviews wondering if I should be waiting for V2. Hmmm….


Dan, do you have any recommendations for other more affordable Bluetooth earbuds with 6-8 hour battery life?


Thanks ?


thanks but no thanks.